Why Trucking In Canada Is A Great Career Choice

Canada’s economy relies heavily on truck drivers as they are responsible for moving 90% of all consumer products and foodstuffs within the country, 80% of the goods that come in from the United States and 60% of the goods that go there. 

If you fancy life on the open road, are willing to work hard, communicate well with people from diverse backgrounds, and can work independently, then a career in trucking may be the one for you. 

Read on to learn about the various benefits a career as a truck driver in Canada has to offer you.

  • Job Security:

With the country relying on freight trucks to move goods, there will always be a demand for qualified truck drivers. In fact, data from Trucking HR Canada (THRC) shows that the number of total trucking job vacancies throughout the Canadian industry is expected to jump to 55,000 by 2024. Basically, the high demand across the country can make it easy to find employment in a state, province, or city of your choice.

  • A Variety of Options:

It’s a myth that truck drivers are constantly on the road and rarely at home. Employment as a truck driver comes in various forms. Truck drivers who deliver locally or regionally often have fixed hours of employment, just like with any other job. Long haul drivers have varying schedules according to their routes. So, you have options and flexibility when it comes to work schedules.

  • Great Salaries and Benefits

Truck drivers are paid well for their efforts and often earn well above the national average. Naturally, while starting off in your truck driving career, you will be at the lower end of the truck driver wage scale (which is still pretty high at about $30 an hour). It can rise by leaps and bounds as you clock up your hours and earn additional certifications.

Additionally, many reputable trucking companies offer health, pension, and other benefits to their truck drivers as well.

  • No Micromanagement

As a truck driver, you won’t have to deal with a manager constantly looking over your shoulder to see what you are up to. You are typically trusted to manage your own work schedule. You are trusted right from the start – be warned though, you need to work well to keep it.

  • Technology is a Big Part of It All

It surprises many to learn that truck drivers need to be quite tech savvy. The trucking industry is constantly updating its tech. Laptops and onboard satellite systems are pretty much the norm now and truck drivers need to able to use it to remain relevant.

  • Every Day is a New One

No two days on the road are the same. Whether it’s the weather, your route, or the people you are working with – things constantly change. Plus, you get to explore the country on a daily basis and meet some incredible people along the way. 

As you can see, truck driving can be an interesting and lucrative career to have for those with the right skills and work ethic. Just imagine all the stories you’ll have to tell.

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