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Agri-Trans Service Your Truck Repair Shop in the North Okanagan & Abbotsford

Visit Our Qualified Truck Repair Service in Armstrong, BC

With our fleet of over 65 tractors, Agri-Trans Services knows how to keep our vehicles operating smoothly. We have Red Seal heavy-duty mechanics and Red Seal welders on staff to ensure your machinery is safe and ready for the demands of the road.

Our location in Armstrong, BC, provides engine & transmission repairs, CVIP inspections and a full service washbay. You can also stop by our Abbotsford site for mechanical inspections or a wash.


A Designated Inspection Facility for BC Truckers

An illuminated Check Engine Light is the obvious sign that your truck requires servicing. It could be something minor, but without a proper mechanical inspection, it’s difficult to know for sure.

ATS has computerized testing expertise and diagnostic equipment to determine the exact problem and the best way to fix it. Once we repair or replace any defective part, we’ll test it again to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s specifications. Our technicians are thorough and precise.

Is your truck idling rough? Are there unusual noises or vibrations while driving? When it comes to controlling your rig, you don’t want to let the problem worsen.

We specialize in Cummins Truck Repairs and Parts

At Agri-Trans Services, we love Cummins engines. Their engines provide excellent torque for improved hauling capacity. Over the years, we’ve gotten quite familiar with their Class 8 products. We specialize in maintenance repairs on all Cummins Diesel. In addition to the basic upkeep of your engine, we can provide repairs in the following areas:

  • Injector cup repairs
  • Engine repowers
  • Exhaust aftertreatment systems
  • Turbochargers
  • Exhaust gas recirculation systems
  • Camshafts and rockers replacements
  • In frames overhauls

The Industries We Serve

We specialize in commercial trucks and trailers used in a variety of industries. Before your truck breaks down, get it to Agri-Trans Services. Our Armstrong, BC, location is fully equipped to handle all your heavy truck and trailer repairs.

  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Land clearing
  • Commercial hauling

You can trust the upkeep of your commercial truck fleet to us.

Stop by for Trailer Repair Services and More

ATS understands how important your truck is to your business. We also appreciate that time is money. Our location in Armstrong, BC, is ready to service your vehicle right away.

  • Full-service lube pit
  • Heavy-duty mechanic bays
  • Complete welding bay
  • Two drive-through full-service wash bays
  • BC CVIP inspection facility
  • A wide selection of Cummins and Paccar parts on hand
  • Cross-docking services

Should you require a CVIP inspection, mechanical advice, or a quick wash, our location in Abbotsford is also happy to help.

Agri-Trans Services wants to be your reliable truck repair shop. We’re here to maintain your heavy-duty equipment. We make vehicles safe and fuel efficient

Whether you’re burning through fuel at a quicker rate or your truck is producing odd-coloured fumes, the sooner you bring it in, the better. No one wants to be stuck needing roadside repairs.
Minimize the risk of downtime. Contact us today to book your next service.

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