The Extra Mile

Employee of the Month

Employee of the month is awarded to an employee who has gone above and beyond in some way during the course of their work.  These employees are nominated by their coworkers and/or ATS customers.  At the end of the year the Employee of the Month winners vote on the Employee of the Year.

Dean Nichols

2023 Employee of the Year

Congratulations to the employee of the year for 2023 – Armstrong shop foreman Dean Nichols. Dean was voted as the employee of the year by his fellow employees of the month for 2023. Dean’s hard working attitude, great customer service, and willingness to help at any time really exemplifies our values. Great work, Dean!


Photo – Dean (right), with owner/president Rick Thiessen.

Ronny Peno

February 2024

Since coming on board to our Armstrong shop team a few months ago, Ronny’s quick learning and professionalism does not go unnoticed. Having English as a second language makes it even more impressive how well he continues to do. Keep it up, Ronny!


Photo – Ronny(left), with Armstrong shop manager Cam Cail.

Glen Outson

January 2024

Congratulations to our January employee of the month – Glen Ouston. Glen has proven himself a very valuable and versatile member of the team. Whether it be local or the occasional long haul run – Glen is always up to it with a great attitude. We have received multiple calls from customers impressed with Glen’s work ethic and attitude.


Photo – Glen(left), with dispatch/brokerage supervisor Ryan Thiessen.

Justin Curr

October 2023

Congratulations to the employee of the month for the month of October – Justin Curr. Justin’s problem-solving abilities have proven very valuable. Justin was able to make a home-made rad hose to get him from Alberta – B.C., saving time and money otherwise spent at another shop. Thanks for all the hard work, Justin!


Photo – Justin (right), with dispatch/brokerage supervisor Ryan Thiessen.

Dustin Gray

September 2023

Congratulations to our September employee of the month, Dustin Gray! Since joining our ATS Mechanical team in Abbotsford as the lead-hand, Dustin has proven himself as valuable member of the team. He was nominated by his co-workers for his hard work, attention to detail, and impeccable organization skills. Keep up the good work, Dustin!

Photo – Dustin (left), with Abbotsford Shop foreman Benj Thiessen.

Chris Laude

August 2023

Congratulations to the employee of the month for the month of August – Chris Laude. Chris joined our team in early summer as a washer, and has since helped out in the shop as well. Chris’ attitude and eagerness to learn has made Chris a great addition to the team. Keep it up, Chris!


Photo – Chris (right), with shop manager Cam Cail.

Ryan Thiessen

July 2023

Congratulations to the employee of the month for the month of July – Ryan Thiessen. Ryan continues to wear many hats at ATS, and has been very helpful in stepping in for holiday coverage while balancing his own tasks as dispatch & brokerage supervisor.


Photo – Ryan (left), with owner/president Rick Thiessen

Dean Nichols

May 2023

Congratulations to our May Employee of the Month Dean Nichols. Dean is our shop foreman at our Armstrong shop.  Dean joined our team in December and has been an excellent addition.  His leadership and customer service skills are outstanding.


Photo – Dean (right), with shop manager Cam Cail

Photo Contest

All employees can submit a photo for the photo contest.  Monthly winners get their photo in the ATS Calendar as well as a gift card.  At the end of the year a winner will be chosen for the cover photo and wins a $200 Visa gift card!

Vlad Koop

2023 Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations to Vlad for winning the 2023 photo contest with the beautiful shot. Vlad’s picture is the cover photo of our 2023 desk calendar. 

Brandon Thiessen

April 2024

Mark Pearson

March 2024

Matt Laing

February 2024

Phil Aconley

January 2024

Vlad Koop

December 2023

Dan Huizing

November 2023

Justin Curr

October 2023