The Importance of Transportation in Agriculture

Agriculture is central to the Canadian economy, employing 2.1 million people in 2021 and generating $134.9 billion (around 6.8%) of Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP), according to data from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. The trucking industry is vital to this sector with an estimated 90 percent of all consumer products and foodstuffs being moved by freight trucks. But the role of transportation and trucking in agriculture is much more involved than simply moving food products from the farm to your neighbourhood grocery store. Read on to learn about the intricate relationship between transportation and agriculture.

How is Transportation Important to Agriculture?

Agriculture is a business. And as with any business that produces tangible products, food in this case, these products must reach the end consumers – whether they are based in cities or less urban areas. The biggest difference from many other sectors, like toys, for example, food is perishable and needs to be transported quickly with the right precautions so that items aren’t knocked about or bruised. Food also needs to be transported hygienically to make sure it’s fit for human consumption. 

It’s Not Just Food That’s Transported

In order to produce the food that makes its way to our tables, farms need the right raw materials and supplies. Animal feed, fertilizers, and crop seeds are among the most important parts of a farm’s supply chain, not to mention the various construction materials needed to build farm buildings and storage. Transportation plays a vital role in getting these essential goods to farmers across Canada.

Why Road Transport is Vital to Agriculture

Foodstuffs may be transported by road, rail, ship, or air before they get to your table. However, even if it’s one of the latter three that’s the main mode of transport – chances are high that the goods were transported by road from a farm to a station, port, or airport and from there to a store. It’s safe to say that freight trucks play a vital role in distributing agricultural products to consumers.

The development of large-scale farming can also be attributed partly to road transport, as large quantities of the raw materials and equipment required by farmers can be transported directly to where they are needed. Heavy hauling trucks and specialized trailers allow farmers to move sizeable machinery.

Not every agricultural area is connected by rail or air. Freight transport is a lifeline to these areas. It’s this basic accessibility that gives road transport an advantage over other modes of transport.

Types of Trucking Equipment for Agriculture

From perishable foodstuffs that need to be handled with care to trailers designed to transport liquids, the movement of agricultural goods needs special equipment and know-how.

Convertible Trailers: Convertible trailers are ideal for the agricultural transportation of various products.

Hopper Trailers: Traditional hopper grain trailers make it easy to haul products in bulk from one location to another.

Auger, Belt, Liquid And Pneumatic Trailers: Make it easy to quickly load and unload feed and other items in bulk.

About Agri-Trans Services

Agri-Trans Services was born from a history in the farming industry. The Thiessen family has its roots in primary production agriculture in BC’s Fraser Valley since 1971. As their business grew, agribusiness transportation and logistics became their prime focus. As a transportation business with its roots in farming, Agri-Trans Services knows exactly what farmers require. 

Agri-Trans Services transports bulk food and non-food-grade freight in the Pacific Northwest including Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. We transport both dry and liquid bulk freight. With our main distribution centres in Abbotsford and Armstrong BC, our routes extend as far as southern Oregon. Whether you need transloading from/to rail cars, truck-to-truck transfers or the simple movement of goods, our logistics team takes care of the entire process for you from A to Z.

We also offer transportation brokerage services and delivered prices on feed commodities, gypsum, and landscape materials. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you with your bulk and agriculture transportation needs.