A Truck Driver Career is a great option for a number of reasons.  Aside from being able to make a good living while being on the open road, trucking is one of the key pillars of commerce and an essential service for Canada’s economy.  The demand for truck drivers is always high in Canada and it takes a trucker to understand the amount of work that goes into the job. It involves a responsibility to deliver products and commodities on time in perfect condition.

Choosing a career as a trucker is an important decision to make, and this article is written to not only help you with that decision but also to tell you about how you can get your career off to a great start.

Physical and mental fitness:

The first thing is to make sure that you are physically fit for the job – for the long hours and the ever-changing work schedule. You need to be very mindful of your health and ensure you are not under the influence of any substance when you get behind the wheel. You need to be prepared to undergo pre-employment and random drug testing.

Being mentally fit is also a very important aspect – being aware that you will be away from your family from time to time is another consideration.


You need to walk before you can run – or drive a car before you can a truck! Make sure you have an unrestricted regular driving license and get as many hours as possible on the road to boost your confidence.

Having a clean record will help you land a good job. While none of us can wipe our slates completely clean, making sure you’re extra careful once you’ve decided on a trucking career will help boost your chances of realizing your ambitions.

Get the Right Truck Driving Training:

The right training course in trucking helps boost your career too as it can give you an edge over your peers. Make sure you opt for a course from an accredited institute. There are a number of government programs offering financial assistance to help you on your journey. There are various training programs available – Private CDL (Commercial Driving Licence) Schools, Company Sponsored Training Programmes, or Community College CDL Training courses. Each of these has its own pros and cons with private schools typically costing more. Excelling at whichever one you take, however, is the key. It could earn you a good recommendation right away!

Be Prepared for Temp Work:

When you start off your career, you might have to work as a temporary driver. Being a temp can be hard, but it helps clock in the seat hours. It all adds up eventually in terms of experience. It also gives you a chance to determine the kind of companies you really want to work for. Knowing people and having good relations with them is bound to fetch you bigger things as your career progresses!

Work Your Way Up the Career Ladder:

Apart from temp work, make sure you’re ok to work your way up the career ladder. Truck driver salaries can vary depending on how much work you are willing to take on. The average salary for a truck driver in Canada is about $44,000 per year or $22 per hour. You might start anywhere around the $35,000/yr. mark, but your performance can help you hit even close to $60,000/yr. Private trucking companies often pay even more for experienced drivers.

The shortage of truck drivers makes trucking a lucrative career option and the right attitude, work ethic, and performance is bound to move you up the career ladder fairly quickly. Remember, if you choose a career as a truck driver, you need to be in it for the long haul.

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