Bulk Transportation Specialists

Bulk Transportation

As a distribution partner with leading manufacturers, Agri-Trans Services transports bulk food-grade freight as well as other loads. Trucking of both dry and fluid freight is managed from locations in the heart of BC’s agricultural areas. Our integrated Abbotsford BC and Armstrong BC distribution centres allow your freight to be picked up or delivered to the Pacific Northwest including Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Routes extend as far south as California and our brokerage department can plan the logistics for any haul.

With reliability, respect and teamwork: we take the worry out of the equation. We also offer a Peterbilt Workshop to service your fleet or complete warranty work.

  • Deck & Belt Freight
  • Agricultural
  • Fluids Trucking

ATS provides reliable trucking and freight transport. While serving the horticultural and recycling industries, we specialize in agricultural bulk transport.


From Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta grain is routinely brought to mills in BC or transported to the ports in Vancouver, Seattle WA, and as far south as California.


Liquid edible transportation to meet the needs of Dairy Farmers, Orchardists and Grain Farmers throughout the prairies and Pacific Northwest.

Convertible Super B’s are hopper grain trailers that can quickly convert to flat deck.
Quad Axle Belt unload trailers are the solution to farm unloading, allowing max weight across the border.
Auger trailers offer multi-compartment loading and unloading. A.k.a. “Stingers”, they offer a boom unload for tall bins.
Pneumatic trailers utilize air-tight pressurized tank systems to offload. Using 4’ hose the product can be blown 100’ vertically into various facilities.

Peterbilt fleet and maintenance

Fleet and Fleet Maintenance

With a fleet of over 65 tractors, ATS (Agri­Trans Services) offers Belt, Pneumatic, Super B, and Auger trailers. As well as servicing our equipment, ATS can service your tractor in our Peterbilt Warranty Shop.



Brokerage and Business Services

We take care of every load from A to Z. Freight is transported quickly and efficiently by locating loads on empty legs or sourcing reliable partners for specialty freight. Call 1­-866-­484­8898.




Convenient to local rail services in BC’s interior, ATS offers trans-­loading services between truck and railcars. Contact us to find a more cost-­effective method of shipping between the prairies and the Pacific coast.