Convenient Load and Unload

Agri-Trans offers a variety of specialty equipment and services to load, transport, and unload bulk goods including landscaping supplies, animal feed, flour and fluids.

  • Belt Trailers
  • Grain Vacuuming
  • Tridrive Bodyjob Unit
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ATS offers a full spectrum of trucking and transportation services including flat deck service, tractor service, and trailer rentals. Specialty equipment also includes:

  • Side Dump Trailers
  • Grain Vacuums
  • Grain / Bin Transfers
  • End Dump Trailers
  • Body-job / Tridrive Delivery

Belt trailers are available for large bulk commodity transfers. This equipment is most often used to deliver large quantities of landscaping supplies including lava rock, pumice, or bark mulch.

Our side dump trailers are regularly utilized for the delivery of lime.

Choose the appropriate equipment for a situation that requires the unload in a tight area. For example, you may want a side dump, end dump or tridrive unit. A small tridrive bodyjob unit is available for auger delivery into tight farms. The ATS Tridrive unit offers ultimate manoeuvrability in and out of narrow or confined locations. The Tridrive unit comes equipped with a Grain Vac Transfer unit making it the perfect choice for feed transfers.

A truck-mounted grain vac unit is perfect for bin transfers.

Whatever you are shipping bulk, contact Agri-Trans Services for a consultation. We will assist in finding a cost-effective method to deliver your freight.